The services offered by MELETITIKI S.E.M-H Ltd, are based on the premise of adding value to our clients' needs and specifications.  To accomplish this objective, we have developed our services to address the following key benefits:

Accurate Analyses, Simulations and Models 

S.E.M-H's extensive background through all phases of the analysis, design, measurement and verification (M&V) processes, permits us, to develop very accurate representations of both existing facility operating costs and anticipated costs.  We perform exhaustive on-site documentation and verification services to assure that our models reflect actual existing conditions.

The engineers at Design Departments dig beneath the evident symptoms to the root cause of the problem. We believe that this is the most economical way to resolve any issues in a building.  By identifying the root cause of the problem, we can be sure that the ultimate solution will correct the problem, avoiding the cost, time and ordeal associated with a symptomatic treatment approach. At the same time, we are able to identify the potential effects of the solution on other systems in the facility. This level of investigation allows us to account for system interactions and to develop comprehensive solutions that successfully resolve the problem.

Define Marketable and Feasible Solutions

One great advantage we offer is our experience in actually implementing our recommendations. We are sensitive to the desires, as well as the needs, of our clients and respond to their unique demands. We focus on solutions that appeal to and address each individual's motives. These solutions are ultimately marketable and result in successful projects.

In addition S.E.M-H's engineers have acted as construction managers on projects that they both analyzed and designed, as well as on any other project. These experiences translate into sensible solutions which are implement able and maintainable.

MELETITIKI S.E.M-H Ltd is providing, engineering consulting services that covers a wide field of activities which could be grouped under the following categories:

Complete Design & Bid Engineering Services

  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Lay - Out of Industrial Venture Plants
    • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (Acoustics Design & Commissioning)
    • Industrial Ventilation
    • Laboratory Plumbing & Ventilation
    • Boiler Rooms
    • Fuel Gas Systems, Oil Storage & Distribution
    • Refrigeration Plants
    • Plumbing Systems
    • Sewage Transfer & Treatment
    • Public Water Systems & Wells
    • Water Conservation & Treatment Plants
    • Fire Protection Systems
    • Swimming Pools, Spas & Therapeutic Baths
    • Lifting Appliances (lifts etc.)
    • Medical Facilities (Such as Medical Gas Systems)
    • Steam power plants  (Generation, Distribution, etc).
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Medium Voltage Network Systems
    • Electric Power Substations
    • Emergency Power Generation and Distribution
    • Low Voltage Network Systems
    • General Lighting Solutions
    • Specific Lighting installations etc.
    • Fire Alarm Systems
    • Clock/Intercom Systems
    • Emergency & Exit Lighting Systems
    • Security Systems
    • Structural cabling Networks
    • Optic - acoustic Systems
    • Communication and Telecommunications Systems
    • CCTV and TV Systems
    • Lightning protection Systems
  • Electronic Engineering
    • Building Automation & Control
    • Direct Digital Control & Energy Management Control Systems (DDC/EMCS)
    • Computer Networks
    • RADAR etc.

Renewable Energy Systems Design and Energy Conservation Consulting

  • Energy Analysis
  • Sustainable Building Design
  • Passive and Active Solar Systems
  • Natural Ventilation Systems
  • Geothermal Energy Systems
  • PV Systems
  • Energy conservation Systems & Management

Project Management

  • Building construction Projects
  • Villages construction Projects

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