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The Firm, was founded in Athens (1982), by  five associate engineers N. Tzifakis, Y. Papargyropoulos, A. Moshatos, L. Konstantinides, and A-D Maistros

Since then, the Firm has been changed, upgraded and updated, but the major objectives are remaining the same.

Today, the Company in order to fulfill its goal, is staffed with experienced and specialized professional engineers, in addition to its four associate engineers, A-D Maistros, J. Petratos, S. Paradissanos and D. Batzakis, as well as with the necessary supporting resources.

The management structure of the Company is simple and active, providing a fast decision making system for the best efficiency and high degree of productivity.

The head of the Company is the board of partners that takes decisions on the subjects described in the partnership terms as well as on all main important issues of the Company.

The managing director, A-D. Maistros, has been appointed by the board of partners to run and represent, the Company, according to the partnership terms.

The Company is organized in three major departments (see Services) that is divided in seven (7) production, two (2) support and one (1) quality control sections, due to the variety of Consulting Services which are provided and due the special knowledge and experience required for each project.

Each section, stuffed with experienced professionals, supplies all the relevant data and information.

The Firm is providing fast and high quality Consulting Engineering Services on a broad spectrum of fields, due to the above organization.

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